About PR Coaching

You have what it takes to make your dreams a reality!

Pace Right Coaching LLC was founded in 2016 by Amanda Spinler.  PR Coaching began to help runners progress and reach their goals injury free.  We focus on a well rounded approach to include strength and cross training to compliment your running.  The formula for each athlete varies as you are unique and your training needs to reflect that. 


Everyone has busy lives and we understand the importance of making your plan work for you as well as the need for affordability. We believe every runner should have the opportunity to work with an experienced run coach at some point in their running careers (coaches are NOT just for the elites).


We will support you on your journey, no matter where your starting point.  Training can be tough. It takes discipline and sacrifice but you CAN do it; you Can and WILL reach your goals with our help! Pace Right Coaching will help you to your goals safely and motivate you in those tough moments. 


Join our Team of Athletes around the world from Trinbago to MN!  Support; Motivation; Flexibility; Care; You have stopped at the right place. Let's get started!

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