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 1:1 Coaching

  1:1 Run Coaching

(+/- Strength)

With 1:1 Coaching, your plan will be edited as your progress in your fitness level. We do weekly check ins to be sure you are on the right path to your goals. With weekly check ins, I review your workouts and provide feedback and give you the opportunity to ask questions and let me know of any changes you may need for the week.


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1:1 OCR Training

     1:1 OCR Training

Obstacle Course Races are a great way to change up your training! They can be as fun or as challenging as you make them. OCR’s mix running and strength to challenge your mind and body in a new way. There are both competitive and ‘for fun’ heats and courses are usually anywhere from 3-14 miles. You will run, climb, crawl, jump, and slide through different terrain. 


for generic plans

        Generic Plans

Generic plans can be a great way to get started in running. They can also post a more affordable option for some. Check out generic plans from 1 mile to marathon. Email me with any questions at pacerightcoaching@gmail.com

Need a little help deciding what plan is right for you? Inquire to chat with Coach Amanda, below

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