Meet your Coach: Amanda S.

Hi! I am Amanda; UESCA Certified Run Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Specialist, and founder of Pace Right Coaching. I am here to assure you that you are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream! I began running in my 20’s after many failed attempts to lose weight. This was a funny thing to many as I avoided running at all cost with any excuse I could muster up in school. In the past year alone, I have improved my 1 mile by 3.5 minutes, 5k by 12 minutes, 10k by 8 minutes, and 10 mile by nearly 9 minutes. Running isn’t all about numbers though, continue reading below to learn more about my journey!



My love for running began after meeting my now finance, Jason. I asked him to take me running instead of just asking him out on a “conventional date” because I thought it would be easier. Boy, was I wrong! Running was the most difficult venture I had ever pursued. This made me NEED to get better and I was determined to do so!



My journey did not happen unscathed, however. Not long into my running career, I fractured knees, shins, and ankles. This was due to a poor run plan and being misinformed about progression. This sidelined me for an entire year. This long recovery gave me plenty of time to study the art of progression. This inspired me to dedicate my career to helping runners progress in a safe manner to reach their goals injury free.



While working with me, you can expect daily motivation, personalized planning, constructive feedback, and most importantly, enjoyment within your running.



Running was the first exercise regimen that helped me lose 30 pounds over the course of just 2 months. This helped me gain confidence I never thought possible. From day one, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I can tell you now, it was so worth it! Running doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger!



If you are looking to improve while avoiding injury and have tons of fun along the way; you have run to the right place! I specialize in helping athletes looking to lose weight, set PR’s from mile to marathon, base building, and injury prevention. Plans are custom to Athletes’ individual needs, exercise history, and future goals with motivation and fun throughout the weeks! Don’t waste another day wondering if you can reach your goals; set your dreams into action by getting started today!


“Amanda is an excellent coach because she understands all aspects of training with a broad knowledge in injury prevention. She realizes that everyone has a starting point and with the right plan, you will unlock your potential. Amanda is very compassionate and understands reaching goals can be a challenge. She will motivate and guide you on your journey to success in a safe, effective manner.”

–Jason Quarford

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