Do you want to reach peak performance to crush a PR? Maybe you’re struggling with motivation. Do you need guidance and support? Have you hit a plateau and cannot seem to get out of the rut? Whatever the case may be, Pace Right Coaching’s 8 week Performance Academy is for you!!

Over the course of 8 weeks you will become a faster, stronger, and a more confident runner! With daily motivation and guidance you will surpass your expectations! 

- 8 Week Run & Strength Plan to prepare for a peak race PR
- Warm up and cool down guidance to help prevent injury and progress
- Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Runners (This is not for the first time runner – You should be running at least 15-20 miles per week for the past 6 months)
- Your own Basic Athlete account on my app, Training Peaks
- Individualized Training Paces
- Race Strategy Guidance
- Weekly Check ins by email
- Unlimited Email Support
- Access to the Private Pace Right Coaching Team page on Facebook
- Free Pace Right Coaching Jersey

Performance Academy (8 Weeks)

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