These are 1-6 month plans custom to your strength training history, running goals, and availability to train.  We offer both at home and equipment workouts.


Resistance training improves your stride, stabilizes your form, reduces the chance of injury, increases your power; translating to faster more efficient running. Multiple studies prove that regular strength training helps running economy (how well your body uses oxygen) by about 8%. This means better muscular endurance and speed! Strength Training is essential for EVERY runner. Get started on a plan tailored to your individual goals!

Both sprinters and distance runners will benefit from adding weight training to their routine. Your weight training routine depends on your running goals and your strength training experience. Coach Amanda will tailor a plan to meet your needs!

*****These plans are custom to your strength training history, goals, and availability to train. You will be set up on training peaks where I will deliver your plan. Each day will have video instruction for each exercise and instruction.


*****No Check ins with this plan


*****No adjustments after initial review of your plan


******Commit to 6 months and receive a FREE Pace Right Coaching Jersey

Basic Strength Plan

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Monthly Options
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