Amanda Ghent



Amanda has shown great progress and true dedication over the past 6 months. I am truly inspired by her no excuse attitude and ability to give it her all in every workout! I chose Amanda as Pace Right Coaching's first Athlete of the month because her motivation is truly inspiring and watching her transform has been such a joy! I look forward to watching her shine as she races toward a sub 22 5k as well as  her journey to her first Marathon this fall! Keep up the amazing work, Amanda. I am so proud to have you on the Team!



Why did you choose to work with Pace Right Coaching?

I had just recently gotten back into running as a hobby and was interested to see if I was able to improve in my running and meet goals that seemed achievable, yet a little out of my reach.


What do you like about online coaching?

Online coaching offers accountability, but the convenience of scheduling on my own time. I don't have a set "meeting" but have access to my workouts via mobile app and can communicate with a coach at leisure.


 .What are your training goals?  What are you training for?

I just wrapped up a 15 week training to run a half marathon in under 1:45. Surprisingly, I beat that by almost 2 minutes. With just one 4-mile race on the summer calendar, I am committing to a full marathon for fall 2017.


What did Pace Right Coaching help you to achieve? 

PR Coaching helped me go through each week with a wise game plan in mind to reach small goals week by week. It was also incredibly encouraging to have someone coach me along as I ran other shorter races in between training. Not only did I reach my goal for the half marathon, but the coaching gave me more confidence in running than I've ever had before.

Do you recommend Pace Right Online Coaching? 

Hands down-Absolutely!! I've already suggested to local friends to try out PR Coaching if they are looking for something to get them over their plateau. I would also recommend the strength training because the workouts are so unique and spices up the usual gym routine.


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