Chanhassen St. Pattys Day 5K Recap

March 26, 2017

Happy…. St. Patrick’s Day!?


Today, March 25th, I ran the Chanhassen St Patty’s Day 5k! This was the inaugural year for the event, and it was amazing! The course was a refreshing change-up from the more urban races we usually do within the Twin Cities!  My overall racer digest: the wind was a tad strong (15 mph); there were a few hills; lots of clover green, everywhere; managed 2nd in my age group!

6 am - Wake-up call. Coffee, makeup, hair, dress for success!

7:30 am - Jason and I left for the race, allowing ample time for packet pick-up and pre-race warm up.


8 am - Arrived at our destination, got our packets, and camped-out in the car to stay warm.


8:15 am - Time for a warm-up, a light 10-minute jog, would have liked longer.


8:30 am - RACE START. Took it a little TOO FAST.  First mile, 8:22, was a little chilly, but our sea of Celtic competitors helped shield the wind.  As the leprechaun mob thinned, the wind became more apparent, and what to our wondering eyes did appear, but.....


Mile 2 (9:14) - A half-mile long incline! The ascent was tough and helped further thin the crowds.   After cresting the zenith, it’s smooth, downhill sailing from here, right?  Not quite.  We got to split from the half marathoners, opening the course along narrow sidewalks! LOVE open space!


Mile 3 (9:00) - More uphill ascent toward the finish.  Jason ran slightly ahead, pushing me along - very helpful!


Final .1 (8:01) - The end in sight. We sprinted it out, the proverbial rainbow guiding us to the pot-of-gold finish line and treasured race goodies! (pint glass, cookie, granola bar, grapes, water)



I really enjoyed the no-pressure race today.  Our intent was a fun race, and we were not disappointed with the result.  Strategically, I could have gone out slower, but today it was of little concern.  The highlight of my race was running with Jason.  We don’t find many opportunities to compete together, so I enjoyed his presence every step of the way.  As an added icing on the shamrock cookies, I got second place out of forty in my age group!   I  didn’t try to place today, and was happily surprised!  I cannot wait for the next race, hope the Irish luck follows, in 5 weeks time!  

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