Takin' a Day Trip

August 17, 2019

Have you ever taken days off with absolutely no plans at all? I hadn't until I got the idea from a co-worker about 6 months ago. I asked what her plans were for her couple days off and she said absolutely nothing; she actually said whatever the f*ck I feel like. Alright then! 


I have only ever taken time off when I had a clear plan and the vacation was already set up/paid for. Jason and I decided it would be fun to take a couple days together so we requested them off and recently made a plan. 


Today, we started the day out with driving to River Falls, Wisconsin. This is the small town Jason went to college. We parked at a coffee shop and got a couple iced coffees. I got chocolate almond and he got blueberry sea salt. I LOVE Caribous new iced coffees as they have less than 200 calories! After we got coffee we walked to his college campus and I got the grand tour. This is probably the type of college I would go to if I could go back and do it all over again knowing what I know now.  He showed me his cross country alumni meet course and it was an easy call to make that I am NOT participating in a couple weeks. 1. out and back. 2. grassy/gravel. 3. Did I mention out and back, ew!! hahaha



When we got back to the car after the tour, we hopped on our bikes and spun over to Hoffman Park. We played on the playground because that is kind of our thing. Jason likes to do pull ups and show off climbing poles with just his arms. I like to climb things and then be scared to get down because I am afraid of heights. After playing at the park, Jason took me on a hike through the bluffs where he used to do his 2nd run of the day. We had such great conversation. I mean, we talk everyday but not like we got to today. 




COOKIES was next on the agenda! About 3 years ago, we went camping in River Falls and JJ had been talking up this cookie place. Well, turned out they were closed on weekends. I was so bummed! We always said we were going to go back. TODAY was the day! We got 6 bags of cookies and 2 sample cookies, haha. I guess we made up for lost time!  



We took the relaxing bike back for more good conversation and Jason reminiscing. Once back to the car, we drove to Glen Park and hiked the trail. It was so pretty! Jason waded in the water for a bit skippin' rocks like he used to for recovery in cross country. 



After Glen Park, it was time to head back to MN for the rest of our date. We went to the Alamo Theatre in Woodbury for the first time per my friend Jordan's suggestion. We had dinner (a chicken salad and pizza, wine, and a Bee's Kiss alcoholic shake) and watch the new Lion King. If you haven't seen it, you should. It was absolutely amazing and so beautiful! #90skid . It gave me all the feels!



This was such a perfect day. I think we will be doing this again next year; taking a couple days off and taking a day trip somewhere. It was so relaxing to just get away and have no worries and not have to think about work. I would highly recommend doing this with your other half or maybe your girlfriends!


Also a random side note. I learned that the University of River Falls, WI has the largest and most accurate vertical sun dial. See Below! So Cool!!!



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