Resolution Check in; Life Happens.

July 14, 2018

Do you ever take a look back at those goals you set at the beginning of the year?  Did you follow your plan to reach them?  Have you reached any of them yet?  Did you forget about them?  Have you set different ones along the way?  Did life happen and you had to put your goals on hold?


Things happen and we can't always reach the goals we set and that is okay! I have had a few bumps thrown in the road this year and had to put a couple things on hold for my own sanity! Even though things have not quite gone as planned, I am not giving up on what I want to achieve. I just keep on keeping on, going with the flow!


My initial goals this year were:


- Lose 15 pounds

- Learn to sew

- Read 3 non-running related books

- Spend more time with my family

- Budget better - save money


Well, I haven't quite made it on some of those. The weight has fluctuated.. A LOT!  I have yet to learn how to use my sewing machine. I have not finished any books. I have though, spent a little more time with family and been able to save quite a bit of money with a budgeting plan in place! Two out of five isn't bad, right?


If it were only as simple as it sounds on paper!


I had to set some new goals this year after my initial blog about my goals due to some health things that were more important.  Our health is our rock; take care of yourself, first, ALWAYS!




 The first new goal I set was to find a Thyroid Doctor that I liked and could stick with (Check). 


The second goal I set was to get my cavities from 5 years ago fixed. (almost check). My new goal is to find a Dentist who doesn't have such bad service.


Keep reading to find out what my newest goals are!!


Here is what has actually happened so far this year:


I had two of my cavities fixed in February by my hometown Dentist. This was my first time here and I really didn't want to go back because of how rude and crappy their service was. Three weeks later, I was having terrible sensitivity so I went back. They shaved down the tooth saying it was a bite issue; ok, fine.  By the end of the visit he decided it was wisdom teeth causing the problem and referred me out. Also, he told me to come back in 3 weeks if the sensitivity doesn't go away. No way will I ever go back to his office. So, now I have 2 more cavities to fix, 3 wisdom teeth to be pulled, and a super sensitive right upper side of my mouth. I am saving this issue for next year due to finances.


Also, in February I couldn't take the pain in my arms anymore and sought out a Neurologist.  He did an EMG to check for nerve issues. The report read upper extremity carpal tunnel...he said it was normal and all was fine. He decided to do an MRI to check for a pinched nerve.  No pinched nerve.......but..............a 2 cm thyroid nodule. GREAT!  The neurologist just shoved me off after this so more wasted money...good thing I started a savings, haha. 


So for the thyroid, I had a bunch of labs done as well as a thyroid ultrasound which showed more complications.   Now, I have a biopsy scheduled with about a 40-50% chance of the nodule being cancerous. 


Back to the arms; I saw a new Doctor ( an orthopedist) who sent me for physical therapy with the diagnosis of bilateral cubital and carpal tunnel. After 4 weeks, my hands have become significantly weaker and now they may want to do surgery instead. oh goodness!


Needless to say, my year has turned into a medical mess.  This blog is not to complain though, it is to show how real life is! Usually you do not know what happens behind the highlight reel of peoples lives on instagram.


 My world has literally felt like it is falling apart. What keeps me going? Running helps me keep the stress down so I can worry less. Jason has been my savior through all of this. He is so kind and thoughtful and knows just what to say when I feel like everything is crashing. Jason and running have saved my life in so many ways; I have no idea where I would be without him or running.


It really is amazing how much we can handle and make it through in life. We can set goals and make the perfect plan to get there and sometimes, things just blow up and we have to start over. Don't let the things in life that are unexpectedly thrown at you ruin you, though!  You are stronger than you know! I believe that we are not thrown anything we cannot handle.  We just have to step back, breath, tackle it, and move on.


I am so grateful that my health problems have not effected my ability to run and race.  Even with the stress I have undergone, I have set a 1, 2, and 4 mile race PR in my summer series this year.  Running literally keeps me grounded and going strong. Life happens; just go with it and don't be afraid to let others know you are not perfect! We all have struggles in our lives; embrace the challenge no matter how hard it seems in the moment. 


My goals for the rest of the year include

1.  Continue helping my Athletes reach their goals

2. Stress management on my journey to health.

3. Help others feel empowered and accepting of who they are and what comes at them. 

4. More time doing the things that make me happy


How are your new years resolutions going so far?




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