Coach Amanda's 2018 Goals

January 2, 2018

 It’s that time of year; that time we reflect upon the past, acknowledge the present, and look toward the future; it’s goal time!  Each year, like many others, I set aspirations for the months ahead.  I don’t hit every milestone, but I do have a pretty good track record.  This 2018, I’m going to crush my goals, and you can too!  Join me in surmounting obstacles, achieving ambition, and reaching new heights!  Read below to learn more about my goal-year, set in motion, for 2018.



I have 5 cardinal goals this year

Lose 15 pounds

Learn to sew

Read 3 non-running related books

Spend more time with my family

Budget better - save money

I am going to take you through how I plan to reach the first goal on the list, losing 15 pounds. This year, I WILL NOT fail on my weight loss goals! I first had to answer a few questions to see if this goal is attainable.



  1. Is there passion behind my goal? YES! I have had this goal for many years but didn’t have a reason behind it. I just wanted to lose weight. Wanting IS NOT enough! This is FOR ME and nobody else. I always thought, as a fitness trainer, I had to look a certain way for people to think I was a good trainer. I have come to realize that that is complete crap. If I am comfortable with me, why should I care what others think?  I’ve come to accept who I am, but strive to lose weight for a healthy-lifestyle and fitting into my former wardrobe.

  2. Are my goals specific? Do I have a plan? YES! Each month on the first I will take circumference measurements of my upper arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. I will also take photos from front, back, and both sides. I will keep everyone updated with my progress. I am keeping track of my progress on a google spreadsheet and have written into my calendar when check-ins need to be done. Each week, I have meal plans and timing set-up so I have no guesswork and no excuses to eat junk!

  3. Will it cost extra money, and did I budget for it? It will not cost me extra money, which is a huge plus!

  4. Who is holding me accountable? Great question to consider! I have held myself accountable with this goal SO MANY TIMES and I literally gotten nowhere long term. I have shared my goal, and its importance with Jason, and he is helping me to stick to my plan. I will also be keeping my friends in the loop and posting on social media with my progress updates!

Next, let's take a look at how I will ensure I will reach this goal. This is such a critical step. If you do not believe you can, you can't. Self confidence and understanding goal importance is the only way to stay on track.
  1. Complete this sentence, my 2018 New Year’s Resolution is to: (e.g., lose 15 pounds by December 31st, 2018.)

  2. Answer this: "What will happen when I reach my goal": When I lose 15 pounds, I will feel accomplished. I will have proven to myself that it IS possible, even with my thyroid disease, to achieve my goal weight. I will no longer be solely blaming my thyroid for shortcomings in the weight department. When I lose 15 pounds, I will be lighter on my feet, less prone to injury from impactful running, and develop speed easier. I will feel proud of myself, and comfortable in my tight run gear again! I will inspire other Hashimoto's athletes, it is possible to maintaining your ideal weight, do not give up!

  3. Answer the following: "What will happen if I do not reach this target": If I do not attain my goal, I will reflect upon reasons why, and reassess my game plan.  I need to do this for myself, as I fear I will forever blame my disease, and subsequently give-up on other aspects of life.  I want to inspire others to reach new heights, which motivates me to do my best, achieve my aspirations!

It may seem silly at first to write your goals out in this way, but it’s essential! Delve into the deepest recesses of your consciousness, decide if this goal is obtainable and is something you really want.  If not, re-evaluate the process of reaching it, or choose another more attainable goal! Try not to be scared-off by commitment, embrace the challenge, and prove to yourself that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you set your mind to and are willing to put in the work to see it through to the finish!! 

Thank you for sharing in my 2018 ambitions!! Post your goals in the comments - I look forward to reading them! I look forward to bringing you along in my journey! It is going to be a great one! Happy New Year, friends! 




Editor: Jason Quarford


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