New Years Goal Setting



Auld lang syne! As we usher in the new year, our motivation for personal resolutions is often rekindled.  This renewed spirit helps lay the foundation for achieving established goals and making a difference.  The end result does not always match the original vision, but the drive is an admirable first step.  Nonetheless, these intentions, according to Forbes, are followed through by a meager 8% of the resolution bandwagon.  The other 92% fail to achieve their desired aspirations, most giving-up by February. That’s so crazy!    



Why does this happen?

How do you ensure that you will reach your goals?
Why do so many people fail to reach their New Year’s resolution goals?


Below are some questions to ask yourself before making the commitment:

Is there passion for your goal? Was the goal your idea? Is the goal you're setting actually something you want, or is someone else telling you to do it? (Never make a resolution out of pressures from others. If you don't want it yourself, it isn't urgent and will probably never get done.)


Did you make your goal specific? Do you have a plan? Many goals that people set are super vague. It’s essential to outline your intended target with a specific timeframe and measurable criteria. Make a plan to measure success in reaching your aspirations, and you are more likely to not give up on them.


Will it cost extra money?  Did you include it in your budget? Sometimes beginning a new journey toward your goals will cost money. For example; changing your diet may impact your grocery bill or joining a gym will include a membership fee, etc. You must know the financial cost and have the financial means to see it through. Otherwise, reevaluate and find a more affordable option. If it is worth it, you will find a way.


Who is holding you accountable? Make your goals public, that way people will be waiting for your updated posts/results! Find yourself an accountability buddy! Maybe your friend or a family member has a similar goal; join forces and check in regularly to ensure you're both on the path to success.

How do I ensure I reach my goals?

Complete this sentence; "My 2018 New Years Resolutions goal(s) is/are,"Plan the outcome(s) of your goal(s); This is SUPER important. If nothing will change once you reach it, what is the point?

Answer this: "What will happen when I reach my goal(s)" (How will you feel, how will life be different, Will this change affect those around me, etc)

Answer this: "What will happen if I do not achieve my goal(s)?" (Will my health be at risk, will my job be at risk, will I be unhappy, etc)


Final Tips:

Setting small goals along the way makes you more likely to reach your desired result.
Set dates for check-ins and assess your progress.
Celebrate each accomplishment at your check-ins, even if they seem small. Progress IS progress!
2018 is going to be a year full of adventure! Take advantage of every moment!





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