Securian Winter Run 5k

January 29, 2017

 It was a great, brisk, windy day for a 5k! I didn't sign up until race day for this one because I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend $50 on a 5k. But it was totally worth it! I went into this race with a goal time of 26:20. Although the official time says 26:44 (the course was 3.3 ish miles), my actual 5k time was 25:57. This is a 50 second PR from my 5k on December 10th (Reindeer Run). I am very proud of how far I have come in my speed training in the last year after recovering from stress fractures in both  knees, shins, and ankles. Since February 2016, I have shaved 11 minutes off my 5k time.


My goal in coaching runners is to help them unlock their full running potential. I love helping runners gain confidence in their ability to reach goals that may seem unreachable. The great thing about running is you can always improve if you put the work in. I build safe, progressive, run plans complemented with strength training to help prevent injury. It is important to do the right type of strength training for your goals in order to become faster. Same as with running, the right type of plan will help you build speed!


Today's Race Recap:


7:45am - Jason and I arrived at the parking ramp. I signed up for the 5k then we walked around to the different vendors and did some stretching.


8:45am - Jason guided me on my warm up so I wouldn't get lost (I have no sense of direction without GPS).


9:10am - Back from warm up, I just got mentally into my racing zone, threw my music on, did a little more stretching.


9:20am - Headed out for some strides quick before race start then lined up close to the front so I wouldn't have to waste energy dodging people.


9:25am - RACE START


Mile 1 (8:00)- I went out a little too fast, but the pace felt good. There was a nice gradual downhill (I didn't know I'd be going back up it at the end). But, soon after was a half mile long gradual uphill to suck a lot of energy away. I stayed strong throughout as hills are a strong point for me.


Mile 2 (8:40) - I lost a little energy and had to back off the pace a bit. I passed in between a couple men who also worked as wind shields. Right before mile three, there was a very steep downhill. As I saw the 1st placer runner coming up it, I instantly felt exhausted. I told myself, "You got this, don't let the hill freak you out, you've trained for this, just keep going!"


Mile 3 (8:28) - I blasted past about 7 people going up that hill and sprinted for the next block. Then as with nearing the end of any race, my legs felt like bricks and I could not catch my breath. I slowed way down for about 20 seconds, just enough to feel alive again.


Mile 3.1 (7:25) - I sprinted into a cold bitter wind to that finish like my life depended on it!

This race felt like a milestone; joining the sub 26 club. It goes to show with dedication and the right plan, you can achieve what you perceive as impossible.


I was only concerned today about my time when I reached 3.1, so I stopped my watch at 3.1 miles with a read of 25:57. So I am very happy with my unofficial time. It's funny how we get so caught up in numbers sometimes, but for many of us, that drive is what we need to keep pressing forward; challenging our bodies; setting new limits!

My official race time for this 3.3 mile course was 26:44 which is still a PR from my last 5k.


Never put limits on yourself. You starve yourself of your potential. Get started on your path to success today. Fill out the inquiry form and I will personally contact you. We will discuss your running history, future goals, and your barriers to success. I cannot wait to help you gain confidence in your abilities!

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