Wine Tour

June 6, 2018

What a wonderful thing love is.  It is so hard to describe in words.  It is happiness beyond words; It is so many feelings; there is NOTHING like it!  When you find the perfect one, you just know it and that is a wonderful thing.  I often wondered growing up if i would end up alone.  I worried about how my life would play out, if I'd ever be 'good enough' for someone.  As i got older I realized you don;t have to be 'good enough' that we are enough and the right person will not judge you or point out your 'flaws'.  I had to learn to love myself before I could open up my heart to let someone else love me.  When I met Jason 6 years ago, my life took a 180! He changed my world in the best of ways.  We have been together for 4 years now and this past weekend was a celebration of that! I am so grateful to have this wonderful man in my life and all that we get to share together.  Life is going to be great with him by my side!



This past weekend, Jason took me on a surprise mini vacation.  He is so good with surprises!  On Airbnb he found a nice home to rent overlooking the bluffs in Winona, MN.  We arrived around 7:30 pm after a long day at work.  We pretty much just went to bed when we got there as we failed miserably trying to watch the first of the Bourne series; way too drained!



The next morning, we, well I, woke up around 6 am. Jason had been up since 4.  Then, he took me for a run on one of his old cross country race routes where he clocked in at 2nd place.  It was such beautiful scenery and amazing to hear him reminisce about these special cross country moments, something I never got to experience.  He is such a humble and amazing man.  Post run, we snapped some photos then grabbed a few groceries and headed back to our rental place!


About 2 hours later, I was finally ready to start the festivities.  First, another photo op because what doesn't go on instagram, didnt happen, haha.  Then, we headed to a winery.  Oh, I forgot to tell you; Jason signed us up for a wine tour weekend where we could taste/purchase wines for our wedding next year!  Anyways, our first stop was in Winona; Garvin Heights Vineyard.  We were the very first ones of the day showing up right at opening time; 10 am.  We had 3 different wine pairings.  We wound up purchasing 2 dessert wines and a Sangria for our dessert table!


Next stop was..............................Again, 3 wine pairings.  This vineyard was rather beautiful.  The wines were crisp one sweet, one dry, and one kind of in between.  We purchased the dark red Marquette; our favorite from all the tastings over both days!




The next place we decided to bike. It was 11.2 miles away.  With alcohol and just a bit of food in our system, this made for an interesting and tiring ride. BUT it was so much fun!  Rather impressed by the landscape, the wines were mediocre.  These wines were very fruity which is something we both are really not into.  We thanked them for everything and started our journey back to the car.  Side note; we were a little excited we didn't like the wines because that meant no carrying back on the bike!




When we returned after our long day, we made some peanut butter stir fry for dinner; exactly what we needed AND plenty of water....SO.MUCH.WATER!  Black Panther was the movie of choice.  After dinner, we made milkshakes (which is so very rare for Jason to request sweets; we document those moments), and played cribbage.  The rules of cribbage is Amanda always wins.  Though, I really did ALMOST beat Jason this time!  We tried to finish the Bourne movie again but...you guessed it, fell asleep!




As if that wasn't a special enough day, Jason informed me that we got to do this all over again on Sunday! WHAT!? Heck yes!! 


I skipped a run Sunday because my legs were not having it. Jason went for a little 7 miler around Winona though.  Upon his return, we cleaned up the place and snapped some fun photos, then it was off to another Winery!




We drove to all of them today, each of them had 3 pairings again. After the final winery (which we found a dry red; Hunters Blend), we drove to the Red Wing bike trail and did just 10 miles today. We were wiped! By the end of the tour we were definitely ready to relax!




This past weekend was so much fun! I cannot thank Jason enough for all he does for me.  I love how he surprises me and is just so incredibly caring.  I am so lucky to have found such an amazing man.  Next month, I have a surprise planned for him and I cannot wait!!

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