Athlete Testimonials


Pace Right Coaching has taken me from this low point in my life to where I am now. I love everything about it. I am running further than I have ever gone before and I feel great doing so!


I’ve been working with Amanda for a full year now. She’s been an amazing resource in my training and with her help, I have become a stronger, faster, more confidant runner. As a coach, she specifically meets your needs and is understanding with your time and desires in training, but is also one of THE MOST encouraging folks to have on your team as you work hard. She’s always offering words to build you up and move you forward. If you’re looking to make even the slightest of improvements with your help or training, Pace Right Coaching is an excellent service!


Amanda is great to work with and can deal with my crazy race anxiety.  The motivation, the goals, and the flexibility to change things when needed, the support through injury and rough patches and celebrating success I get together every time!


Amanda is the most encouraging person I know. She helps everyone, no matter their goals, and she is great at mixing up workouts so boredom is never a problem. I love that she plans everything out for me, and she is always available to answer my questions (without making me feel stupid). :D She helps me get the most out of my workouts, and thanks to all of her help, I'm working smarter, not harder.


I am an over-40 beginner. I like to train alone, but I like to have accountability and for someone to make my training plan for me. The virtual coaching I receive from Coach Amanda fits my needs exactly. If you can identify your goals (distance, pace or overall time) you can have a plan made for you to help reach them. My goal has recently shifted from endurance (to train for a Half Marathon) to now focusing on speed (for an upcoming 10K). I have repeated many times that you can just TRUST THE PROCESS if you have a plan to targets your goals. That kind of peace of mind is priceless because you will see yourself improve from training run to training run. You will also get supplementary training built in to even the most basic level plan.


Amanda is an excellent coach because she understands all aspects of training with a broad knowledge in injury prevention. She realizes that everyone has a starting point and with the right plan, you will unlock your potential. Amanda is very compassionate and understands reaching goals can be a challenge. She will motivate and guide you on your journey to success in a safe, effective manner.


I love online coaching because I have easy access to my plans right through my phone or computer!



I like that I already have everything I need to do put into Training Peaks and I just need to look at the app. It works great for this busy mommy! Amanda really listens to your needs and adjusts to them. I love the support she gives all her athletes!


Amanda is very knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to helping people reach their goals. She motivates and instructs well, and truly cares about her clients. The runners lifestyle is the way i want to live and i know following Coach Amanda's advice, I can be successful and healthy. 

Brad Buth

Training makes me feel so strong and confident both physically and mentally. What I accomplish at the gym, I take with me and reflect on throughout the day. I feel healthy and physically capable to do the things I enjoy. I feel like I have a secret power that people don't know about and that's my physical strength. It is a HUGE confidence boost that has literally changed the way I see myself and my potential in life!

Lexi Diedrich

I've only been a part of this community for a month but this month has been the most productive I've ever experienced. My speed has increased, as well as my endurance. And you don't even feel the changes. Amanda is so wonderful. She is always checking in, even if she doesn't have to. This is a great program and an even better Coach!

Renee Marie

My workouts kick my butt every time. Even with my new application, Training Peaks, I am able to track my progress and am seeing results! Amanda is an awesome trainer, and carefully crafts training programs to meet your skill level and to target your goal. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Jessica Waldron Kraemer

Amanda goes above and beyond her commitment to her clients. She has creative workouts so it is never boring. She is concerned about your activity between appointments. She is passionate about her work and empowers those she comes in contact with. I would recommend her to people of all ages. 

Omar Vaqas

I love the ease of getting and uploading my workouts. I also look forward to the emails I get from Amanda. They are always encouraging. I also like that the PRC athletes from around the country are there or support!

Shannon Archer

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